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Stationery Lists for 2018

The stationery for Junior School classes is provided by the school and charged to individual accounts.

For pupils in Year 4 - 8, there are two ways of purchasing stationery.  

Purchase online from OfficeMax myschool.co.nz/cathedralgrammar where all stationery lists have been pre-loaded so that all you need to do is verify the items, add or delete from the list according to what items you already have, and have it all delivered to your home in time for the start of the 2018 school year. Or you can print the lists from this website.  Please refer to the instructions in the email sent home.  A copy is attached to this page.

Download the appropriate stationery list from the list on the right under "Stationery Lists 2018" and purchase it through your preferred supplier.

NOTE: OfficeMax is offering some impressive price reductions on items purchased on-line and includes free delivery over a certain amount to your home prior to the start of school. 

It is important that the exact items listed are purchased. Please note the following:

  1. This stationery should be brought on the first day of school.
  2. The school will provide some items such as Prep Books, Notice Envelopes and similar items which will be charged to your school account.
  3. The school will also provide printed plastic covers for all exercise books. The relatively small cost of these will be charged to your account. These covers, printed with the school logo and colours, provide uniformity and protection for the exercise books as well as doing away with the need for parents to cover exercise books with clear plastic seal. If plastic covers from the previous year are in good condition they should be reused with only a change of class required. Such covers should be brought to school on the first day of term.


Stationery Lists 2018
Y4 Boys' Stationery Lists
Y4 Girls' Stationery Lists
Y5 Boys' Stationery Lists
Y5 Girls' Stationery Lists
Y6 Boys' Stationery Lists
Y6 Girls' Stationery Lists
Y7 Boys' Stationery Lists
Y7 Girls' Stationery Lists
Y8 Boys' Stationery List
Y8 Girls' Stationery Lists
Stationery Letter 2018
StationeryLetter 2018