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The following scholarships are offered by the school. Applications may be made at any time by contacting school registrar: oramn@cathedralgrammar.school.nz

The Merton Scholarship was initiated in 1970 to commemorate the first headmaster of the school, Mr GH Merton. The objective of the scholarship is to encourage boys and girls at Year 5 and above to attend the school. The scholarship is awarded to pupils who, by examination and audition, demonstrate a high level of scholastic or musical proficiency. The scholarship award is for partial tuition fees. Examinations and music auditions are held annually in May or June. 

Click here for the full Merton External Scholarship rules

The Deamer Scholarship was initiated in 1928 from the estate of the late Mr WMG Deamer, in memory of his son, John, an Old Boy of the school who was killed in Italy at the conclusion of World War II. The objective of the Deamer Scholarship is to provide recognition of exceptional academic ability of full fee-paying Year 7 and Year 8 pupils currently enrolled in the school. The scholarship is an award of $1000 (gst incl) reduction in tuition fees per annum. Examinations are held annually in November. 

Click here for the full Deamer Internal Scholarship rules

The School Music Scholarship was initiated in 2008 to allow The Cathedral Grammar School pupils of high music ability, in instrument or voice, to win a discount on tuition fees.
The scholarship was subsequently renamed the Courtney Allpress Music Scholarship following a donation made to the school by Adrienne Winnicott, a previous Head of the Pre-School and employee at the school for 40 years       (1975 - 2015), in memory of her father.
There are two separate scholarships that may be awarded:
Courtney Allpress Junior Scholarship:  Awarded to Junior School pupils, with the primary aim of helping to instil a love of music and for the child to feel a sense of pride in their musical studies.
Courtney Allpress Senior Scholarship:  A music scholarship with a duration of no longer than two years, may be awarded to one or more pupils at Y7 or Y8 level. In exceptional cases, a three-year duration for a Y6 pupil may be considered. 

The scholarship is awarded to pupils who, by audition, demonstrate a high level of musical proficiency. The scholarship is for partial tuition fees. Auditions are held annually in November.

Click here for the full School Internal Music Scholarship rules

CHORAL SCHOLARSHIPS - ChristChurch Cathedral & The Cathedral Grammar School

The Cathedral Choir: The Cathedral Grammar School is New Zealand's only Choir School and has educated every chorister since the ChristChurch Cathedral's foundation in 1881. The choristers bring a special character to the school, and music is an important aspect of the programme for every pupil in the school.
Initial enquiries about auditions and the probationary training programme which gives entry to the Cathedral Choir should be made through the school registrar. 
Auditions for the choir for boys in Years 4-6 are held by the Cathedral's Director of Music at any time during the year, as required. Auditions for boys in Year 3 are held in November. The preferred age range for boys entering the choir is 8 -9 years' old but exceptions are made at the discretion of the Director of Music.

Choral Scholarships  A boy accepted for the ChristChurch Cathedral Choir attends The Cathedral Grammar School on a Choral Scholarship.
Choral scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal and the Dean of the Cathedral.  Financial assistance is available to ensure that any boy who has the ability and potential to become a good chorister is not denied a position in the choir because of his parents' financial circumstances.

If you wish to pursue the idea of your son taking up a Choral Scholarship, please contact the School.