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2017 Girls' Saturday Hockey Results

Girls:  1st XI  (Y7&8)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
29 Apr
(Grading: Div 2)

Draw  1-1  Team First game of the season with only 11 players and a first for the majority to the 11 a-side game. Promising for the season
6 May   Rangiora Gold  Loss 0-3 Victoria
de Costobadie
We showed some patches of great hockey, passing the ball accurately and creating a couple of scoring opportunities but were unable to convert. Need to work on our structure and positioning in both attack and defence.
13 May  Southern United  Win 4-1 Bella Beirne A much improved performance this week. We managed to keep our structure for the majority of the game and converted some well executed goals. Goals scored by Bella Beirne, Izzy Bullen (2) and Holly. Well done everyone!
20 May  Harewood Loss 0-3 Nina Clarke This was a tough game and one that we needed to keep our structure and build on our success from last week. Unfortunately we went a goal down at half-time and were unable to equalise soon after. Grammar battled to the end but after conceding 2 spectacular goals it was always going to be a big ask. 
27 May   Marist White Won  5-0 Isabella Bullen A big confidence boost this week. We passed the ball confidently and closed the opposition down quickly, pouncing on their mistakes. However, at times, we were a little exposed at the back but Nina remained focused throughout the match, keeping the opposition out! Well done everyone.
 10 June Harewood Blue
(Championship Div 2)
 Loss 0-3  Nicole Vance  A game of two halves. In the first half, we had good structure, put the opposition under pressure and had a lot of possession. However, we were unable to find the back of the net despite creating some scoring opportunities. We lost our way in the second half,and struggled to get the ball out of our half. Some quick reactions from GK, Nina Clarke kept the scoreline to only 3. Well done, everyone.
 17 June  Marist White Won  4-2 Nicole Vance  A very different Marist team to the one we played against a couple of weeks ago!  It was a close game until the last quarter of the match which saw  Grammar keep possession and dominate the attacking circle  to score 2 goals in quick succession. Goals scored by Zoe, Grace, Izzy and Molly. Better marking in defence but we still need to work on keeping our width. Well done, everyone.
 24 June  STAC Loss  1-5 Isabella Bullen  This was a game that we needed to keep to our roles. Unfortunately, we left the opposition free in the circle, on too many occasions. At the start, we managed to link passes together and drive down the right. We equalised soon after with a goal from Zoe Smith, and Molly Moffatt was millimetres from another.
 1 July  Harewood Blue Loss  )-5  Holly Lill  This was a competitive game with both sides missing opportunities to score. Unfortunately, this continued throughout the game for us and we were unable to capitalise on some great attacking play. However, our man-to-man marking was tight making it difficult for the opposition to keep possession. A great team effort, well done girls.
 8 July  Marist White Win  5-0  Molly Moffatt  After the first ten minutes trying to find each other on the field, the game flowed, with incisive dribbles from Izzy Bullen and Lucy Vance. A different combination on pcs was successful with three goals. Good defensive pattern at the back from Sophie Allnutt and Tayla Harteveld-Heaslip tackling well and clearing to the wings.
29 July   Harewood Blue Win  3-1  Sienna Butterfield & Bella Beirne   
 5 August  Marist White  Win 5-1  The team  More early passing hockey played on the right; many more goals! And they were entertaining team goals, too. Good structure; really good hockey. Well done, ladies!
 12 August  STAC  Loss 0-1 Nina Clarke   A great game, despite conceding a controversial goal. It was a tough game with sustained pressure in our defending circle, however, Nina stepped up and and kept us in the game! We played some good hockey and created our own chances but were unfortunate to convert. Keep up the hard work!
19 August   Southern Blue
 Win 7-3  The team Grammar set off at a roaring pace , scoring 3 goals early on in the game from attacking down the right and crossing it into the circle. Nicole scored a cracker, lifting the ball in the right hand corner!  During the second half, we let the opposition back into the game, but finished strongly with Ruby pouncing on a loose ball. A well-deserved win! 
 26 August  Carlton Redcliffs Red Win  4-1   Zoe Smith,
Isabella Bullen, Victoria de Costobadie
 An excellent display of attacking hockey to finish the season. A great performance, well done, ladies!

Girls: Kiwi Sticks Maroon  (Y5&6)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
6 May   HSOB Dynamos
(Grading Div 7)
 Win 7-1  Alice Wilson The girls went into the game with a huge amount of energy and determination. They passed well to score a number of fantastic goals, and whilst we lacked structure at times this gives us something to work on as the season progresses. A very promising start, well done girls!
13 May  Harewood Win 9-0 Lucy Vance
Liv Barnett
The energy from last week was back and the girls put everything into this game. Their structure was starting to come together, particularly in the second half when we passed the ball wide and right and scored some outstanding goals. Our strikers were linking well and did some fabulous passing. Excellent effort by all, a well deserved win!!
20 May   Hornby Leopards  Win 12-1 Finella Guttman and
Freddie Greening
Another outstanding win! The girls continue to fight hard and put away the goals. Well done!
 27 May  St Margaret's Magic Win  14-1 Sophia Sare  The girls had a tricky first half as they tried to go up the middle and were stopped by a sea of St Margaret's players. Luckily we pulled it together in the second half, where we played some outstanding hockey which the score reflects! 
 10 June  HSOB Diamonds  Win 4-1 Natalya Seaward Unfortunately the scorer wasn't paying attention properly, as our 6-1 victory was recorded as 4-1. But we will take the win; the girls had an excellent second half where they moved the ball wide and around their defenders to score some excellent goals. Liv Barnett put some outstanding balls into space which our other forwards received beautifully. Player of the day though went to Natalya for some excellent saves in goal. Well done, girls!
 17 June  Rangiora Green
 (Div 3 Championship)
 Win 6-2  Caitlyn Danko
Finella Guttmann 
After being moved up to Division 3, the girls were expecting a hard game and were aware of the work they needed to put into it. And they delivered! We fought hard and were strong on the ball, and the goals just kept coming. We began to use more of the space, although there is still room for improvement here and we will be working on this over the next few weeks. Unfortunately we let 2 goals in in the last 2 minutes, but our hard work in the earlier parts of the game meant we still came away with a good win. Excellent effort girls!
 24 June  Carlton Redcliffs  Piranhas Draw  2-2   The team A closely fought match in which players put in good effort on defence as well as attack. We had several good passing moves on the right resulting in shots on an annoyingly good goalkeeper who kept getting in the way. A good style of play, girls. Well done!
1 July   St Albans Super 5s Win 5-3 The team The girls went one goal up early on, but the opposition quickly put the pressure on and equalised soon after. The second half was our time to shine when the girls passed up the right to our strikers who found space and height, and were able to link excellent passes. This strategy enabled us to score enough goals to secure the win! The girls are really starting to come together as a team and it is fantastic to watch them play some excellent hockey. Well done, all. 
 8 July  Avon St Michael's Blitz Win  5-3 The team  
29 July   Harewood Astros
(Div 2 Major)
Draw  2-2 Alice Ferguson  The girls had a tough one this week, with 2 girls away meaning we had no subs. Harewood put 2 goals away and with 5 minutes to go, it looked like we had lost the game. But we finished strong, scoring 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to equalise! A fantastic, gutsy performance by all. A huge well done and thank you to Freddie who stepped up to play goalie and did an outstanding job. 
5 August   Southern United Blue Win  6-1  Lucy Vance What an exciting game. The girls linked exceptionally well this week and were able to pass the ball wide and right to get it around the opposition. Some excellent goals were scored by Lucy and Liv, but it was Lucy's exceptional running and passing options that secured her the player of the day. An excellent effort by all, well done girls!
12 August  HSOB Blazing Burnsiders Win 5-1 Sophia Sare We had another cracking game this week. The girls continue to run the ball around the opposition and our excellent passing options set us up for some fantastic scoring opportunities. Sophia Sare was on fire, scoring four out of our five goals. Our next step is to utilise our square and straight passing options.
 Marist Bronze  Win 4-3 Finella Guttmann This game was a nail biter! The girls went up 1 nil but the opposition quickly equalised, and then scored again to see us 2-1 down. The girls kept their heads and remained patient, and secured the win as a result. Finella played like a star out of position at the back by standing in front of her player and shutting down their attacking play. Well done!
26 August   Marist Silver Win  5-0 The Team An outstanding game to finish the season. As is our custom, we fought hard and displayed excellent attacking skills to secure our win. Excellent effort by all, well done!!

Girls: Kiwi Sticks White  (Y5&6)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
 6 May Marist Ivory
(Grading Div 8)
   Win 5-0  Sienna Kearney  There were some very good skills being practiced which were rewarded with goals. Next step is to learn how to do PC's.
13 May  Hornby Win  3-2  Natalya Seaward  Our attacking pc's and passing were very good this week. Natalya kept us in the lead by making several saves. Next step is to use space.
20 May  Rangiora White  Win 4-2  Jessica Allnutt  Strong tackling by the opposition had us a goal down at half-time but we listened well to our coach's advice at the break and decided to pass around those players instead, before we were tackled! Add to this, good shooting, more good keeping from Natalya Seaward, goals from Scarlett Bailey and Emily Fradd, two more from Caroline Conaghan-Carr, and voila, another win and another good team performance.
 27 May Carlton Redcliffs Barracudas Draw  2-2  Scarlett Bailey Well matched teams this week.  The girls showed grit and determination coming back from a goal down to level the scores in the second half.  Well done
10 June  Harewood Dodgers Win 4-3   Chloe Wu A close game in which the scoring went back and forth, with Grammar coming out on top, to finish the grading round unbeaten! Good tackling was this week's key, with strong passing down the field relieving pressure. Well done, girls!
17 June  Hornby Leopards
(Div 7 Championship)
Draw  2-2  The team  50:50 ball and space were our focus this week. With no subs we had to work hard but managed to secure a draw. Great effort team.
 24 June Burnside Dynamos Loss  1-6  Emily Fradd  Space and shooting for the corner of the goal were our goals this week. We kept our space but we didn't get the opportunity to score until the last minute of the game.
1 July   Southern Orange  Win 8-3  Emily Fradd  We dominated the first half, scoring well. The second half was more even as we ran out of puff but we still kept up the passing and scoring. Well done, team!
 8 July  Harewood Crushers     Caroline Conaghan-Carr  
 29 July  Harewood Dodgers     Scarlett Bailey   
 5 August  Marist Violet     Caroline Conaghan-Carr   
12 August   Marist Orange Loss 1-2 Sienna Kearney & Emily Fradd  
19 August   Hornby Leopards Win  3-2  The Team   Everyone worked hard to come from behind!
A great example of "Never give up"!
26 August   Harewood Crushers Loss  2-5  Caroline


Girls: Mini Sticks Maroon  (Y3&4)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
 6 May  HSOB Wildcats
  Loss 3-4 Alisa Welsh  Played well against a much bigger opposition. A pleasing start especially as only two players had previously played a hockey match.
13 May   Harewood Geronimos Loss   1-8  Michelle Anderson Once again we faced stronger, more experienced opposition but stuck to our guns and played well when we had the ball. We had attacks and scoring chances so plenty to work on in this area, this week.
20 May   Harewood All Stars Draw   3-3 Lexie Anstiss  What progress! A great game in which our positioning, passing, hitting and tackling were all much improved. Fantastic effort, girls. The coach was thrilled!
 27 May  HSOB Thunderbolts  Loss  1-4  Alice Murphy After a slow start, which gave the other team a head start, we had a better second half. Our tackling improved and this week we will continue to work on passing.
 10 June  Marist Magic  Win 3-2  Alice Murphy  Great tackling and improved passing to each other, combined with following up on shots at goal, and voila! A wonderful win to farewell Miss Felton in her final game as coach.
 17 June  HSOB Wildcats
(Championship: Blue Pool)
 Loss  1-8 Michelle Anderson   We worked hard at spreading out, 'one at a time' and working as a team.  Unfortunately the opposition were a bigger, stronger team and challenged our defence.  
 24 June  St Margaret's  Stingers Win  11-2  Albertine Neate  We finally found the goal!  Such a thrill to see the team working so well together, with strong defending and some outstanding attacking play to score well earned goals.  Albertine Neate and Lexie Anstiss scored a whopping 10 goals between them, while Alisa Welsh bravely dealt with a stick collision to the eye: a couple of steri stitches required! 
Well done, girls!
 1 July  Rangiora Black Loss  3-6  Mia Eden  We passed well, scoring the first goal, then gave them a head start which was a bit too big to catch up. We kept battling though, which was most encouraging.
 8 July  Harewood All Stars  Loss 3-6 Millie Vink  
29 July   Rangiora Black Loss   0-2  Alice Murphy  With only six girls, no reserves, we had our work cut out for us!  A bigger field and opposition challenged us, but every single player worked super hard the whole game!  We had several shots at goal that were just so close but we couldn't quite score.  Defensive play was strong and everyone worked hard at trying to help each other out.  It's exciting to see how far this wee team has come along, positional play still challenging, but they are all giving it their very best try.  Well done, girls; awesome dedication.  
 5 August  Marist Strikers Win   5-2 Milla Cox  What a fabulous win and display of team work this week. Great to see some stand-out play by the juniors in our team, Milla Cox scored her first goal, Mia Eden & Michelle Anderson showed fantastic determination in attack and solid defence at the back by Alice Murphy. Strong leadership by the Y4s was encouraging, with some great passing, following and scoring goals! Well done, girls. Very proud of your progress!
 12 August  HSOB  Wildcats Loss  1-8  Georgie Mauger-Speers   A tough game against a much older, faster and stronger team, but we did not back down. We kept up the efforts to pass the ball and were rewarded with a goal in the second half.
 19 August  HSOB Dolphins Draw   1-1  Lexie Anstiss & Alisa Welsh Despite dominating the first half, we could not score, but annoyingly the opposition did! Then the tides changed. We played the second half on the back foot, defending very well, only to break away when all seemed lost to score, Millie Vink with the final touch. A great come back!
 26 August  HSOB Thunderbolts     Millie Vink   


Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment