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Swimming Sports' Entry  Information
All boys and girls in Y4-8 compete in the Swimming Sports for their respective Prep School.

Age Grades for School Events
Senior:                Year 8
Intermediate:   Year 7
Middle:               Year 6
Junior:                 Year 5
Bantam:             Year 4
Entries: Entries for the Swimming Sports are taken in the first two days of the term. The events for each Age Grade are indicated by a #

 Event  Y4 Bantams  Y5 Juniors Y6  Middles Y7 Intermediates   Y8 Seniors
Freestyle #  #  #  #
Backstroke #  #  #  #
Breaststroke #  #  #  #
Freestyle  #  #  #  #
Backstroke  #  #  #  #
Breaststroke #  #  #  #
 #  #  #
 50m (2 lengths)          
Freestyle #  #  #  #
Backstroke #  #  #  #
Breaststroke  #  #  #  #
 #  #
 100m (4 lengths)          
 Freestyle Open entry - no grades 
 Medley Open entry - no grades
Entry Rules:

  1. All pupils are expected to enter a minimum of three events.
  2. Pupils can enter a maximum of three 25m events AND a maximum of two 50m events, plus any number of the 100m events. Competent swimmers hoping to win an Age Grade Championship should enter the maximum number of events.
    Note: Competent swimmers who hope to be selected to represent the school in the Zone Swimming Championships should ensure that they swim 50m and/or 100m events in their strongest styles. All Zone races are 50m or longer events.  Butterfly is an open event in the Zone Championships. 
  3. Those pupils who are not capable of swimming 25m in a particular stroke are expected to enter the width event in that stroke(s). Widths are swum at the shallow end of the pool. If a pupil can swim 25m in a particular stroke, he/she cannot enter into the width event for the same stroke. (As the ability to swim is an essential life skill, any entries into widths events will be considered rare.)

Event Rules:
 Swimming, like any sport, is governed by a set of rules to ensure that any competition is conducted in a manner which is fair to all. Swimmers who do not swim a stroke correctly in a race will be disqualified. As in any sporting event, the judges' decisions are final.

In the interest of full participation in the school Swimming Sports (ie: finals day), disqualification in the heats means that the disqualified swimmer cannot qualify for a Championship final but will be placed in a Non-Championship race.

Disqualification in a race on Swimming Sports' Day means that the disqualified swimmer cannot: 
a.   be placed in or receive points for a Championship final;
b.   be placed higher in a non-Championship race than a child who does swim the stroke correctly; 
c.   break a record for that stroke; or 
d.   represent the school in that stroke (as the pupil will be disqualified).

Championship and Non-Championship Events: Heats are held in Week I of Term I.  At the Heats, each swimmer is timed over every event which he/she has entered.
Positions in Championship and Non-Championship races in the Swimming Sports (finals) are based on the times achieved by individuals in the heats. The fastest five swimmers in each event in each age grade swim in the Age Grade Championship race. All other swimmers in each event are drawn in races of up to five swimmers of similar ability and compete in the Non-championship races. 

Points: All pupils gain one House Point for each event in which they compete. In addition, competitors also win the following points for their Houses and for their individual points tally for the Age Grade Championship if they manage to reach a Championship final: 
Championship Events:           1st - 40;      2nd - 26;   3rd - 23;    4th - 20;   5th - 17 
Non-Championship Events: 1st - 9;        2nd - 8;      3rd - 7;      4th - 6;      5th - 5 
Relay Events:                              1st - 100;   2nd - 60;    3rd - 40;   4th - 30
Points won in the Open 100m Championships events count towards the individual age group championships.