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2017 Boys' Saturday Hockey Results

Boys: 1st XI  (Y7&8)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
29 Apr Rangiora Gold
(Grading: Div 1)
Win   12-3 The team  A positive display of fast passing hockey against much weaker opposition.
 6 May Marist Gold Win   6-0 The team  An outstanding warm-up ensured we hit the game running, and we were three goals up in ten minutes. We maintained our ball pace, speed and defensive screen for the first half to score excellent goals (5-nil) but we lost our structure in the second period.
13 May  Harewood Red  Win 1-0  The team  What a fantastic performance! The senior players knew what it meant to play Harewood and those new to the team stepped up the outstanding levels that they set. The result was a tireless match for 40 minutes with great pace, passing and ball skill, attacking a crowded circle, and fantastic defence from George Ladley in goal when Harewood occasionally got away. Not surprisingly our legs failed with ten minutes to go, but our hearts did not, and we battled to hold on to a very well-deserved win against another top team. A result that literally had the coach turning a cartwheel!
 20 May Carlton Redcliffs Red  Win 3-2  The team  Another good result against a top opponent. When we passed well to the right, we moved the ball fast and early to create excellent penetrating attacks. Our spaghetti arms in the tackle need work, and so does our fitness in the last ten minutes.
 27 May Medbury Win  3-2  The team  This was a top-of-the-table clash and we played very well to come out on top. Good tackling was our day's target and we achieved this. Another outstanding team performance, with a special mention to Duncan Fletcher in goal who saved the day, and a certain goal with 30 seconds left on the clock. 
10 June   HSOB Blue  Win 3-2  The team   Wow! Despite dominating the first half with an outstanding, fast passing game, we played too much of the second half 1-2 down. But, happily, for the first time this season, we were the team still playing hockey in the last ten minutes, and two superb goals - a backboard-breaking effort from Jonty Foote, and a composed team passing move finished by a moment of Johnny Bullen magic - were very well deserved. The coach has been around two decades, and this was one of the best 1st XI games she has seen: two very good teams, playing very well, but it was our game! A three cartwheel game!
17 June   Southern United  Win 4-0  The team  To go through Division 1 grading unbeaten is a rare and impressive achievement. To have done so playing some great individual and team hockey has been tremendous. Congratulations, team!
24 June   Southern United
(Championship Round)
Win   5-1 The team A fast moving game, with some very good passing creating plenty of space which we used well. Our goals were beautifully structured through several players passing early, fast and on trust. A sound performance. 
 1 July  Avon St Michael's Win  8-0  The team   We took the opportunities and space to play our passing structures at speed, and earned good attacking rewards. Too many corners were squandered in the first half but converted impressively in the second. Our confidence at the back continues to improve in time for the tough run of games coming up.
 8 July Harewood Red Win  2-0  Wow! The team
(with Johnny and his broken arm leading the cheering and discovering how scary it is having to watch from the sidelines!)
 A close, up-and-down battle in the first half sapped the legs but we dug deep in the second and played fast clinical hockey, sticking to our pattern, despite being worn out. It was exciting to see players fully trusting that their teammates would be j'there', and letting the ball go early, and getting the rewards. A two-cartwheel game - possibly caught on camera (how careless!)
29 July   Medbury  Win 4-0  The team  An impressive first ten minutes of fast passing hockey, including a great pc strike by Jonty Foote. Then fourteen minutes of rusty frustration as we lost our breath and ball control, before Tim Seeto dribbled the length of pitch and converted impressively on the reverse. In the second half, we regained possession and our passing cool, to be rewarded with a couple of good multi-touch goals in the circle, showing excellent patience and balance on the ball.
 5 August  HSOB  Win 2-0  The team  We were exhausted after Waihi, and the Zone football, so the plan was to watch the ball and keep it on the end of our sticks, to avoid extra running. The plan worked, creating good possession and two spectacular team passing goals, finished in style by Andrew Welsh. A brave and gutsy team effort!
 12 August  Rangiora Win  3-1   The team Sometimes the goal is simply to get the job done. We did! It wasn't pretty but we were collectively tired, sick and injured, and so 'job done' was a cartwheel moment. Well done, boys, for doing your best on the day. 
19 August   Marist Win  3-0  The team   Job done. CHAMPIONS!!!!
 26 August  STAC Win   3-0 The Champion Team

Hugh Duston (C), Johnny Bullen
Lawson Davey
Jonty Foote
George Ladley William Morris Lewis Parker 
Tim Seeto
Lachlan Walker Thomas Whitteker  Jono Murphy
Yong Sun
Andrew Welsh
Last week's win secured the Championship a week early, putting us in an unassailable position on the table.
This week's motivation was to make it an unbeaten season - every match won.
As befitting the season, it was a tight match in the early stages  but we held our structure, defending well and breaking fast out into  attack. Eventually, Tim Seeto decided enough was enough, and jinked through several defenders to remind us where the goal was. That settled matters, and a good patient team goal in a messy circle followed quickly.
Two is usually a dangerous number, but not today. Then, as if to underline this fabulous season, a truly glorious goal with two minutes to go: team possession, quick passing, absolute trust from Jonty Foote that Johnny Bullen would lead, and from Johnny that Jonty would hit it - and how hard?! - for Johnny's diving deflection into the top of the net. The crowd really did go wild! A champion finish for a champion team!
Thank you, boys, for an amazing season. Congratulations!    

Boys: 2nd XI  (Y7&8)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
29 Apr Avon St Michael's
(Grading: Div 2)
      No game: technically a default as we battled to get the team entered into 11-aside competition.
 6 May STAC 2nd XI Win 8-0  The Team  After a slow start, passing the ball effectively and good positional play produced the goals. A great first game of the season. Well done the team.
13 May  Rangiora  Loss 0-6 George Pearse  Against a stronger team our developing technique and positional play was found out. In the first 20 minutes of the second half we took the game to Rangiora, playing good passing hockey and nearly scoring a couple of times. George Pearse, Jaspar Thomas and Alex McEwan gave it their all for the full game, and Duncan Fletcher had a tremendous game in goal. 
 20 May Southern United Blue Win   4-0 Raymond Brooks
Liam Allen 
Much improved team structure meant we were able to create opportunities and cut off any attacks on goal. A convincing win and a great team effort.
27 May  Marist White Win   4-0 Tobey Wongsri  A solid team game where we managed to keep the ball on the right with effective crosses into the circle to Tobey Wongsri on the left post. The passes more often found our own players and progress continues to be made. Well done, team.
10 June   Hornby  Draw 0 - 0  Duncan Fletcher   We knew this would be the game of the round and so it proved to be. Both teams had opportunities in front of the goal but neither team could convert their chances. Duncan's saves kept us in the game, as did the sterling defence work of Raymond Brooks and Felix Wingfield. An exciting game for all involved !
17 June   Harewood Blue Win  7-1  George Pearse  A great win for the team resulting from excellent  positional play from the whole team, with George the standout player by being involved in each goal, either setting up or scoring. Isaac gained possession effectively, Bruce and Jasper ran well and Guy controlled the centre, with Raymond and Felix solid in defense. This team have finished 3rd in Division 2 of the XI aside competition, winning against all club teams with a second team in the XI aside competition.
24th June   STAC Win   5-0  Ben Murphy,
Angus Gifford

Matthew Flint  
 A solid game with some impressive one-two passing. Very grateful for Matthew, Ben and Angus stepping up to fill in for us, which proved to be a seamless transition. These boys all played well. Alex McEwan also had a strong game at centre-half.  Well done team.
 1 July  Harewood Blue Win   3-2 Angus Gifford   We dominated the first half, and scored. We let them dominate the first half of the second half, and they scored twice. We then got our act together again, but with five minutes to go, it seemed impossible. But no! Two goals in four minutes - fantastic! 
 8 July  Hornby Loss   0-1 The team   A heartbreaking loss with tears of exhaustion and frustration at the result and the missing players. The team gave its all, and had scoring chances but it was not to be. The joys (?!) of sport. Thank you, boys, for your fine effort!
 29 July  Southern United Win  2-0  Charles Beale   A warm-up game for the second half of the season where we passed, but not always to each other, and found it tricky to finish off scoring opportunities. A decisive win none- the-less as we remembered how to structure a hockey game. A very good game from Charles Beale at left half. Well done, boys.
5th August   Southern United  Blue Win  5-1  The Team   A much more structured and assertive game than last week, when we played the same opposition at the end of a break from hockey. A good way to start the new round.The whole team is Player of the Day.
 12 August  Harewood Win  4-0  The Team  This was a game that began with the Grammar team pinned down in our defensive half for the first 20 minutes. One great clearing hit to Liam at right wing then pass pass pass goal ! Grammar one nil up at half time. In the second half the team played their best hockey of the season to tackle like Crusaders, shift the ball to the right and pass to each other. Final score 4-0 Coach ecstatic. Thank you to Angus and Arthur who filled in for us. ( Whole team stand )
19 August   Marist White
Win   4-0 The team   In the first half, we were half a moment off releasing the ball quickly enough, although managed a couple of goals. In the second half we let it go early and voila! Glorious structure, space and passing. Two more goals, and 22 ridiculously near misses! Div 2 final next week. Go, team!
 26 August  Hornby
(Division 2 final)
 Win  1-0 The Division 2 Champions!

Liam Allen
Charles Beale
Raymond Brooks
Bruce Chen
Duncan Fletcher
Guy Greening
Isaac Heap
Alex McEwan
George Pearse
Jaspar Thomas
Felix Wingfield
Tobey Wongsri 
Having already drawn and lost to Hornby during the season, we knew we needed to play out of our socks to win this final. The boys did just that, closing down attacking moves and turning the ball around to put Hornby continually under pressure. This finally led to a well set up move in the circle and a pass from Alex McEwan to Tobey Wongsri, who calmly slotted the ball in from the left post. A nail biting second half followed where the team held their nerve, and the game. A very well deserved result, team, You have been a pleasure to coach all season, and have played some great hockey!.

Boys: Kwik Sticks Maroon (Y7&8)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
6 May Medbury Blue
 Win 2-0  The team  A hard-working start with pleasing efforts to play with speed and good ball pace. We frequently recovered possession well, right from the goalkeeper, and moved the ball strongly and quickly up-field to score two very good goals. 
13 May  Carlton Redcliffs Black Loss  1-4  The team  As the game progressed against a tougher opposition, we learned our first lessons in keeping the ball out to the right of the hockey field. Our new 'mean screen' worked well when we set up fast and close - and looked mean! Our goal came from excellent passing, starting from the goalkeeper!
20 May  Rangiora Green  Loss  1-4  Angus Gifford  Again the opposition was bigger and stronger, but this time we got the ball to the right! Despite the result we had a rounded game, with a better balance between our attacking and defensive play. And we got our shots away on goal, which we have been practising.
 27 May Medbury Black Loss   0-2 Jasper Moss  Despite the loss, the team played with much improved effort, playing hard right to the end. Marking will be this week's target. Player of the Day Jasper Moss as he produced some fantastic defence in a strong and consistent performance.
10 June  Waikirikiri Blue  Win 4-0  The team  A pleasing result with the skills the team has been practising on display. Powerful hitting from the back by Jasper Moss gave the team good attacking opportunities, while Joey Young tackled formidably in the midfield. Angus Gifford made several powerful runs, bursting through tackles and Joseph Nash showed excellent speed on the right. Team passing improved as the boys worked out that going around the mess in the middle was the better option!
17 June  Harewood Hitters  Loss  0-6 Michael Taylor   The Harewood team lived up to its name and proved to be very strong. We battled hard but were well beaten. Michael Taylor had a busy day in goal, and did a great job keeping the score down. 
 24 June  Avon St Michael's Avengers  Loss 0-4  Arthur Mahon   Against a very strong tam we lost our structures and our composure, and so played as grumpy individuals, not a team, which did not work so well.
 1 July  Waikirikiri Orrange  Loss 1-8   The team  What a great display against the top team. We defended very well, sliding our screen, marking the lines and stepping up on the tackles quickly to force the opposition to regroup repeatedly. An excellent team effort. Well done, boys!
8 July   Malvern Minions Win  11-0 Gregory Barlow & Matthew Rothera A fantastic goal scoring extravaganza!
29 July  Avon St Michael's Avengers     Joey Young   
 5 August  Waikirikiri Blue Win  4-2  Ethan Kepple & Joey Young  Wow! We were on fire, with some great passing leading to attractive goals. Strong tackling by the defence and excellent active keeping by Michael Taylor in the second half secure the win.
12 August   Bye        
19 August   Medbury Black  Loss less-more  The team
(for the 2nd half) 
 A disappointing first half in which we forgot what the Mitre on our shirts demanded. In the second half we stepped up, ran hard and put in the effort, resulting in a much better performance and were unlucky not to score.
 26 August  Bye        

Boys: Kiwi Sticks Maroon (Y5&6)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
6 May Avon St Michael's
(Grading Div 2)
 Loss 3-6  Ray Sun  A great start to the season with high levels of fitness, good passing and use of the whole field. Some excellent vision from Ray, in particular.
 13 May Marist Attackers Win  5-0 Matthew Flint  Some superb passing and tight one-on-one marking saw the boys working really well as a team. We went from strength to strength as the game progressed.
20 May  STAC Navy  Win 4-2 Jack Buttle  It was pleasing to see all players striving to improve their individual games whilst focusing on the game plan. Another exciting display of great hockey. 
 27 May Carlton Redcliffs Pirates  Win 7-1 James Burt  After a very ordinary first half, where we matched the level of the opposition, the score stood at 1- all. The second half saw us playing our own game, scoring 6 unanswered goals. Some great vision, switching of the ball across-field and excellent use of the back pass.
 10 June  Medbury Red  Draw 4-4   Alfie Buttle  The one game of the season the coach didn't want to win, to avoid grade promotion, and we were 3-1 up at half time. Medbury came back with vengeance in the second half and, after a full 40 minutes of excitement, we ended with a 4-all draw. Everyone applied pressure, great man-on-man marking and  Alfie picked up the loose ball all day. 
17 June   STAC Navy
(Div 2 Championship)
Win  8-1  No POD  This was another game of two halves. We can blame the freezing conditions and lack of thermals on the very average first half. The second phase saw us playing a much better passing game, using both wings and crossing into the circle. We need to be at our best for a tough encounter against Medbury next week.
 24 June  Medbury Red Win  6-4  Finn McCormack-Young   A good solid performance from all the players this week. Excellent marking put pressure on the opposition, leading  to mistakes and our regaining of possession. Some well-timed breaks from Finn and Ben made for a close, exciting game.
 1 July  Martist Attackers  Win 8-0 The whole team  This was a textbook game with accurate passing, effective marking and an awesome use of the whole pitch. The boys played like a well-oiled machine. An excellent effort from everyone. 
 8 July  Rangiora Gold Win  7-1  Ben Murphy   A game of peaks and troughs that we should have won easily considering the opposition were one man down. Ben and James made thoughtful decisions in their distribution of the ball and there were some great periods of passing. We need to trust our team mates to do their job and concentrate on our own.
29 July   Avon St Michael's Makos Draw  3-3  The whole team  This was our first game in Division 1 and the pace of play was certainly much faster. All the boys gave 100% effort, switching constantly from attack to defense. The teams were very even, making for an exciting match and ending in a well-deserved draw.
5 August   Medbury Red Win   4-1  Alfie Buttle   We really came into the game in the second half with multiple attacks on the goal and some excellent one-on-one marking in defense. Great effort boys.
10 August   STAC Win  6-1  Ray Sun   Once we began to play our own game in the second half we created some excellent attacking opportunities by playing the ball wide and passing it around the opposition.
 12 August  Carlton Redcliffs Loss  1-6  Ben Murphy   No one really fired in this game and we let a slightly better team drive through us. Despite being unwell, Ben showed great tenacity and stuck to the game plan.
 19 August   Marist Invaders  Loss 2-5  Tom McHerron  Back to our best this week, this was another exciting match against a tough team. Despite being a very even game, where we had equal opportunity to score, we just couldn't convert our shots into points. Meanwhile, Tom played his best game of the season fending off the attack.
26 August   HSOB Badgers Win  5-2 The team   Another action-packed game where everyone put in a great effort. Coming 4th in Div 1 was an excellent way to end a very successful season. Well done, boys.


Boys: Kiwi Sticks White (Y5&6)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
6 May  Southern White
(Grading: Div 4)
Win  3-1  Sea-am Thompson  A competitive match. Scores were tied at half time but improved passing in the second half made the difference.
13 May   Waikirikiri Orange Loss   2-5 Sam Hales  Unfortunately a slow start was costly and we were quickly down by four goals. We claimed two back, one each side of half time for 2-4 but the effort to attack left us vulnerable to another goal against. Sam Hales played with excellent effort throughout the match.
 20 May  STAC White  Win  8-1 Finnian Chan-Allan  We bounced back from a slightly disappointing performance last week, with a resounding win against STAC White. We started positively and were 6-1 up by half-time, the result of excellent communication and crisp passing. The final score was 8-1, with Finnian Chan-Allan scoring a hat-trick.
27 May   Rangiora Green Win  4-3  The Team Kiwi Sticks White travelled to Rangiora to play the in-form Rangiora Green. This proved to be a very even match, with both teams playing some excellent hockey. Grammar took a 2-1 lead into half time and stretched it to 3-1 shortly after. Rangiora kept coming as us, however, and some tight defence was required to hold on for a 4-3 win. The whole team was awarded Player of the Day.
 10 June  HSOB Breakers Loss   6-1 Sefton  Wingfield  Kiwi Sticks White took on the top of the table High School Old Boys, in what we knew would be a testing encounter. Grammar competed very well for much of the game and midway through the second half HSOB held a narrow 2-1 advantage. Unfortunately, pressure in the attacking circle took its toll in the final ten minutes and the score blew out to 6-1. Sefton Wingfield showed great composure in defence and was awarded Player of the Day. 
17 June   Rangiora Green
(Div 4 Championship)
Loss  4-7  Sea-am Thompson   For the second time in three rounds we journeyed to Rangiora to play Rangiora Green. Once again, this was a competitive match, but on this occasion, Rangiora were more cohesive and decisive in attack and came away with a 7-4 win. Grammar worked hard throughout the match, with Sea-am Thompson especially determined. 
24 June   Waikirikiri Orange  Loss 1-4  Tom Ladley  Once again, Grammar worked hard and competed well in many aspects of the game, but came out on the wrong end of the scoresheet. As with the previous two matches, our opposition were more clinical in attack than we were, and able to make more of scoring opportunities offered. Tom Ladley was resolute in goal and was awarded Player of the Day. 
 1 July  STAC White  Win 12-4  Finnian Chan-Allan  An exciting, high-scoring match. We started well and had a 3-0 lead quickly, but StAC White came back with goals of their own to keep the match competitive. A flurry of goals in the last five minutes saw the score blow out to 12-4.
8 July   Southern Hillview Blue Loss  2-6 Angus Whitteker  
 29 July  Rangiora Green Draw  4-4  Asher Higgins  For the third time this season, we played Rangiora Green and for the third time a very entertaining and even match ensued. Grammar fell 2-0 behind quite quickly, but by half-time were back in contention at 3-2 down. The second half was very exciting, with both teams having opportunities to win. Asher Higgins pulled off a number of excellent saves in goal.
 5 August  Southern United  Blue  Win 2-0  Akira Lim  The match started with a hiss and a roar and after five minutes we found ourselves 2-nil up. From then on, however, the match was very evenly contested and no further goals were scored, despite promising opportunities for both teams. Akira Lim continued to show excellent improvement, particularly in defence, and was awarded Player of the Day. 
 12 August  Avon St Michael's Panthers Win  4-3  The team   Avon St Michael's went into the match at the top of the table. We knew that to compete we would need an excellent all-round performance and that's exactly what we produced. Sturdy defence, good positional play and some excellent passing in attack saw Grammar hold on for a nail-biting 4-3 victory. Impossible to single out one player today, so Player of the Day goes to The Team.
 19 August  Marist Chargers  Win  7-1 Sam Hales  After falling 1-0 behind early in the match and holding a fairly narrow 2-1 lead at half time, we managed to find some good form in the second half and run away with the match 7-1. Sam Hales was especially impressive in attack, scoring 6 goals and earning the Player of the Day award in his last match of the season. 
26 August  STAC White  Win 7-0  Sefton Wingfield  Going into this final match of the season we knew that we needed to win by a margin of 8 or more to win the grade outright. The early going was tight and at half-time we held a 2-nil lead. In the second half. the match opened up and goals started to flow but at the final whistle we were ahead 7-0 and so tied on points.
This was an excellent finish to the season.
Sefton Wingfield played well at both ends of the field and was awarded Player of the Day. 


Boys: Kiwi Sticks Black (Y5&6)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
6 May  Medbury Blue
(Grading Div 5)
Loss  2-4  Conor Gracey  A great first game of the season. The team shows a lot of promise and the boys displayed some good ball skill especially on attack. well done!
13 May   Carlton Redcliffs Seahawks Draw   0-0 Tom Ladley  Another great game this week with a lot of improvement from last week. We faced a strong team and played a very even game. Great defence by our backs and Tom who made many great saves in goal.
20 May   Southern United Hillview Blue  Loss  1-6 William Smith  The speed of the opposition took us by surprise and, by the time we caught up, it was too late to catch up. Happily our second half was very good, with quick tackles and passing.
 27 May  Bye        
 10 June  Avon St Michael's Jaguars Loss   0-5 Jack Simpson   A fast opposition left us standing still in the first half. A  much better second half saw good tackling, dribbling and passing but sadly we were unable to convert our several chances due to an annoyingly good Avon goalkeeper. 
17 June   Avon St Michael's Jaguars
(Div 5 Championship)
Loss  0-2  Ben Oram   A vastly improved performance and result against last week' opposition. We got struck into the tackles, passed wide into space and put together several promising attacks. We just could not score! Well done, boys, on a fine effort!
 24 June  Bye        
 1 July Carlton Redcliffs Seahawks  Draw 1-1  Sam Cox   A tight, fast game - and for the first time we scored first!  Some changes in positions were beneficial, with good defence and attacking play.  It was good to see some nice use of the wings, too. Well done, team!
 8 July  Southern White Loss   1-2  Cameron Smillie  A valiant effort by the six players present, who ran themselves into the ground without subs. Great work in goal by Cameron Smillie.
29 July   Carlton Redcliffs Seahawks Draw   1-1 William Smith  Another close match and the third draw against the Seahawks. The first half was a little rusty but improved positioning and passing, and a great defensive screen, in the second half applied the pressure, and we were unlucky not to grab a winner. Great hockey, boys!  
5 August    Medbury Black Loss   2-4  Conor Gracey & Cameron Smillie  This was another encouraging game, with strong defence and good tackling. We scored in 45 seconds; unfortunately, the opposition took the hint and we just could not keep them out enough.
 12 August  Avon St Michael's Jaguars  Loss 0-5  William Smith   Another score which did not reflect the true nature of the game. Good attacking play and strong passing by most players which we sadly could not finish off in the circle.  Great work by defence, especially Cameron Smillie in goal who saved many many more than the few which slipped by! Well done, team!
 19 August  Bye        
 26 August  Southern White  Loss  3-4 The team !  A brilliant final game to the season!  I have no idea why the boys waited until the last game to show superbly accurate passing from out wide into the circle and from there into the goal - twice!  But better late than never!  The team has shown great improvement during the season - a job well done, boys! 


Boys: Mini Sticks  (Y3&4)
Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment
6 May  Rangiora Gold
 Win 7-2  Hayden Reed  The boys can be very proud of the way they played together as a team, passing the ball around and supporting one another, which lead to plenty of goals. In his first hockey game, Hayden Reed played with real passion and commitment, and set up a superb goal.
13 May   Harewood Eagles  Win 5-0  Felix Thomas  The team played well staying in position for the tackle and the pass, and so were able to pass well to one another. Felix Thomas held his field position, and followed in on goal to score four of our five goals.
 20 May  Marist Gorillas  Win  6-1 Max Hardacre  All the boys played extremely well to take the third win in a row. With an unbeaten  run to date, the boys keep getting better with each game they play showing great skills in tackling, passing and playing in position. Thomas O'Connell showed good tackling and passing skills and Charlie de Costabadie played a strong game in defence, even managing a run through the field to score a great second-half goal. Player of the Day Max Hardacre had a strong all-round game, never giving up with determination rewarded with the first goal and showing a great read of the game in covering in defence when needed. Well done, boys!
27 May  Carlton Redcliffs
 Win 3-2  Charlie de Costobadie The boys show real commitment and determination in a tight fought match to hold on to their winning run. Goals were scored by Sam Foote (2), showing real strength and persistence in attack, and Felix Thomas (1) who not only scored our opening goal but played goalie in the second half, saving numerous shots in an outstanding gritty defence. Max Hardacre show great skills in dominating the midfield. Player of the Day Charlie de Costabadie demonstrated great passing and strong running throughout.
 10 June  Southern United Green Win   4-0 Sam Foote   The boys played good passing hockey, showing the skills they have been learning at practice. They stayed in position well which created space and opportunities. Marco Howe, who captained the team, made some good runs down the wing, as did Ryan Zhang. Player of the day went to Sam Foote for great dribbling, cross passes to team-mates and good finishing off, scoring 3 of our 4 goals. Well done, boys. The unbeaten run is intact!
17 June   Harewood Falcons
(Round 1: Red Pool)
 Win  9-3  Thomas O'Connell The boys played exceptionally well as a team, putting the skills learned at practice into play. Great passing, trapping and tackling, and staying in position with good vision to use wings when free to attack down the sides, resulted in a continued unbeaten run this season, Marco Howe scored a hat-trick  his first goals in Saturday hockey) and was given a special award on Saturday as "most improved player" as he really stepped up his game, staying low in the whole movement of trapping and passing/shooting. This week's captain Thomas O'Connell also did some brilliant trapping and shooting as centre forward and was rewarded with this first two goals in hockey, too!
 24 June  Harewood Eagles Win  9-1   James Reed Once again, the boys played really well, showing off good skills and dominating control of the game to lead 3-1 at half-time. The second half was an even stronger performance with great passing and teamwork. Max Hardacre showed great composure and demonstrated team-work well in unselfishly passing to his team-mates in the circle to score. The team's unbeaten record is intact. Player of the Day went to James Reed for good field position and shots at goal.
 1 July   Carlton Redcliffs Strikers  Win 5-0  Max Hardacre  A tightly fought first quarter, in which both teams had chances, was broken late in the half by a great goal by Marco Howe following in hard. After half-time, the boys came out firing as a team, with great tackling, passing using the width, and strong runs with the ball, to outplay the opposition and maintain their unbeaten run. All the boys stepped up another level with their skills. Player of the Day Max Hardacre played a blinder: skilfull throughout and never giving up in tackle.
8 July  Rangiora Gold Win   8-0  Ryan Zhang The boys passed the ball around well to dominate the game and to finish this term unbeaten. The boys can be proud of their improved skill levels as they work well as a team sharing the ball and staying in position. Great running and commitment by Hayden Reed. Sam Foote and Ryan Zhang both scored hat tricks. As Player of the Day, Ryan also did some great passing, held good positional play and marked well.
 29 July  Avon St Michael's Dragons Win  5-3  Marco Howe   After a couple of weeks off and a slow start, being two goals down after ten minutes, the boys showed real grit and determination to combine some good passes and shots on goal to level the score 2-all at half-time. In the second half, the team found their grove again with good positioning, accurate passing and control for shots on goal. This resulted in a further three goals, with Ryan Zhang playing well with good runs down the right wing to score a hat trick.  The team continued its winning run to take out the game with a win 5-3 against a strong Avon/St Michael's. Player of the Day went to Marco Howe for good listening and positioning which resulted in scoring one of our 5 goals. Well done boys on a well-played game to win under pressure.
 5 August  Marist Gorilla Win  6-3   Ryan Zhang  The boys got off to a strong start, being up 4-0 shortly after half time. Thomas O'Connell had a good game showing greatly improved stick work to often beat defenders. Indeed, teamwork is a word that springs to mind with goals resulting from great teamwork, staying in position and passing the ball around to beat the defenders and score. However, with a small lapse in concentration, Marist came back strongly scoring three quick goals. Happily, the boys showed great composure and determination to settle back into their normal game of good tackling and accurate passing to score another two goals and win with a convincing 6-3. Ryan Zhang had an outstanding game on right wing, tackling well, never giving up with strong runs and good ball control. He was rewarded with 2 goals and was the Player of the Day.
 12 August  Harewood Falcons Win  4-3   Sam Foote  The boys played really well as a team and fought hard against a skilful Harewood Falcons team. The boys were rotated in different positions than usual to give them a feel for experiencing hockey in different parts of the field and they all stepped up showing a good grasp of the game. After a fast paced break and strong hit into the goal by Felix Thomas the half-time score was 2-all. This was one of the closest games all season and the boys had to dig deep and use those hockey skills learned at practices to finally take out victory with a 4-3 win to retain the season's still unbeaten run. Max Hardacre tackled well all game against some very skilful opposition to stop a number of attacks and also set up one of CGS goals. Player of the Day went to Sam Foote for his persistence, positional play and great finishing with two goals.
 19 August  Rangiora Gold  Win  9-0 Charlie de Costobadie  With only two games left and an unbeaten record to protect, the boys were down to only six players (no subs) for this game.
The team which took the field of Felix Thomas, Charlie de Costobadie, Max Hardacre, Ryan Zhang, Thomas O'Connell and Marco Howe played exceptionally well and should be commended for their hard work, perseverance and hard running. Their coach was very proud of their skills, teamwork and strong work-rate.
The boys took advantage of plenty of open space for great passing and runs down the wings to score some excellent goals to be up 5-0 at half time. They maintained this strong play  in the second half to take out a convincing win 9-0.
Player of the Day to Charlie for his solid defence play and good distribution of the ball from the back.
 26 August Carlton Redcliffs Strikers Win   12-0  The Unbeaten Super Minis! A dominant performance by the boys to finish off the season UNBEATEN! They played exceptionally well as a team and really stepped up another notch. Earlier in the season they narrowly beat the same team 3-2. The whole team should be very proud of how far they have come this season and the skills they have learned, along with the strong determination to play their hardest each weekend. The entire team was awarded Player of the Day.
Season stats:. The boys played 14 games, winning all 14. They scored 92 goals with only 18 scored against them. Their two tightest games were against Carlton Redcliffs early in the season and then Harewood Falcons late in the season (beaten 4-3.) The highest scoring game was this last one.
Be proud of what you've achieved this season, boys, the skills you've developed and the teamwork you’ve demonstrated – and keep enjoying your hockey!


Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment



Date Opponent Result Score Player-of-the-day Comment