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Guiding principles

The ideal preparation is maintained over time, despite change, through the school maintaining its adherence to the following guiding principles:
  1.  The promotion of and adherence to conservative education values, achieved through a focus on literacy and numeracy within a knowledge-based curriculum.
  2. The Christian faith in the Anglican tradition is vital in shaping the life, culture, values and spiritual strength of the School. 
  3. The school is a self-reviewing institution which values the opportunity to continuously evaluate and adapt its programme and processes. 
  4. Learning experiences are balanced to provide both an understanding of history and tradition, and the development of skills for life in the 21st Century. 
  5. The structure of a co-educational Pre-School and Junior School, with single sex Boys’ and Girls’ Preparatory Schools is a central and defining component of our educational philosophy. 
  6. The significance given to the place of music and music education enhances the unique and special character of the school, founded as it was to educate the Cathedral Choristers, a vital role that must be sustained into the future. 
  7. The place of sport is valued in the development of a well-rounded individual, who knows how to be part of a team and who responds appropriately to the winning or losing of competitive activity. 
  8. Co-educational opportunities, outside of formal class time, are provided to facilitate sound social development of boys and girls. 
  9. A strong sense of family is experienced; families enjoy belonging and staff enjoy working.