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Assessment practices

The ideal preparation is supported by the application of these assessment practices to the teaching process.

Our assessments practices are underpinned by our confident belief that:
  • every child can improve, and
  • assessments can have a positive impact on a child's attitudes, motivation and self-esteem.
To promote improved teaching and learning, our assessment practices will include:
  • sharing learning goals with the pupils;
  • helping pupils to know and to recognise the standards for which they are aiming;
  • embedding some assessment within learning activities;
  • involving pupils in self-assessment and reflection;
  • providing quality feedback that helps pupils to recognise their next learning steps.
Each pupil's performance will be monitored to determine, with appropriate decision:
  • Achievement  - what pupils can do
  • Progress - patterns and rates of learning over time
  • Placement - identifying pupils who are 'at risk' and those capable of making accelerated progress
We will analyse information for reporting to
  • Parents - on the achievement of their child
  • Teachers - on the effectiveness of their teaching
  • School - on the effectiveness of its programmes