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The Curriculum

The ideal preparation is achieved through the teaching of a curriculum which matches the philosophy of the school and supports achievement of the Key Goals.

The curriculum deemed by the Board of Trustees to be suitable in terms of Section 35A of the Education Act, 1989 is designed to:
  • provide learning opportunities for the holistic development of the Key Goals, as listed in the Foundation Statements, of each individual pupil;
  • encourage pupils to attain high personal standards of achievement;
  • give priority to Literacy as defined in this document;
  • provide within each subject area a prescription of the sequence of learning from Year 1 to 8, which may include:
    • a progression of achievement expectations for pupils;
    • assessment processes for identifying pupil strengths and needs;
    • description of the course content which may be taught at each level;
    • provision for use of whole class, group and individualised learning opportunities, as appropriate for the topic or skill, to meet individual learning needs; and
    • a statement of the assessment practices to be used.